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Christian Kameni


Christian KAMENI  BOUMENOU is a PhD candidate in the scanning probe microscopy (SPM) Lab of the university of Luxembourg. His research topic is mainly based on the nanoscale investigation of the surfaces, interfaces and grain boundaries and the electronic properties of polycrystalline Cu(In, Ga)Se2 thin film solar cells absorber layers, by using different surface sensitive characterization techniques such as STM, STS and KPFM. Additional measurements like XPS and UPS are also used.

He received his BSc in physics and MSc degree by coursework in materials science from the university of Yaounde 1, in Cameroon. He then went to Nelson Mandela University (NMU) in South Africa where he obtained a second MSc degree by research where his Master thesis was on cross-sectional surface potential imaging of n-type/p-type GaAs grown on semi-insulating GaAs using both amplitude and frequency modulation KPFM. His research works were carried out in the semiconductor materials and nanostructures Lab of Professor Reinhardt Botha.

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